Vitamins and Supplements for Bone Health

Vitamins and Supplements for Bone Health

Calcium is an important foundation for lifelong wellness. People reach their peak bone mass by 30, so it’s important to start focusing on building more tissue early than allowing it to just break down. Along with calcium, there are other vitamins and supplements available at a Pharmacy in Gainesville, Georgia that promotes bone health as listed below:

  • Calcium
    The recommended dietary allowance for both men and women goes around 1,000 mg to 2,500 mg, which declines to 2,000 mg as people age. Calcium is found in a variety of food, such as dairy products, fish with edible soft bones, or dark green leafy vegetables. You may also opt for calcium supplements from a provider of Medical Supplies in Georgia.
  • Vitamin D
    Your body will also need this vitamin to successfully absorb calcium. A recent study has shown that when Vitamin D and calcium is taken together, it effectively supports bone health. With Vitamin D alone, your bone receives what it needs for growth and remodeling.
  • Magnesium
    This mineral is essential for the body to regulate calcium levels. It helps in transporting calcium across cell membranes and supporting the development of new bone tissue. Consider taking magnesium supplements if you drink caffeine or alcohol regularly.
  • Vitamin K2
    Also known as menaquinone, vitamin k2 supports the cardiovascular system and also serves as a coenzyme for proteins that are essential for bone metabolism.

If you want to start taking supplements of these essential minerals and vitamins for your bone health, get them at Gainesville Pharmacy with free antibiotics today!

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