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The Complications of Having Allergies


The immune system of people with allergies produces substances known as antibodies that can identify a particular substance or allergen that they recognize as harmful even though it’s actually not. Some people have different severeness of their allergies, some may be just experiencing a runny nose, slight itching on some parts of their bodies, sneezing, and watery, red, or swollen eyes. Others may experience the worst, such as difficulty in breathing, passing out, nausea, vomiting, and drop in blood pressure.

Having an allergy can increase a person’s risk of certain medical problems such as:

  • Anaphylaxis. This is a life-threatening medical emergency since anaphylaxis can cause you to go in shock. Some of its symptoms include skin rash, lightheadedness, a rapid, weak pulse, and severe shortness of breath.
  • Asthma. You’re more likely to have asthma if you have allergies. Your immune system reacts in a way that affects your airways and breathing.
  • Sinusitis and infections of the ears or lungs. You have a higher chance of getting these conditions if you are experiencing hay fever or asthma during an allergy attack.

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