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Should You Get a Generic Plan from Your Pharmacy?

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When going to a pharmacy in Gainesville, Georgia, do you usually ask for a branded medication or do you also check out generic brands? Most people opt to go for branded meds because they think that these are more effective items.

The Truth About Generic Medicines

Generic medicines actually work the same way as known brands. They have the same composition and same level of effectiveness. But, they are cheaper. If you can get free antibiotics from your trusted pharmacy, you can also be sure that a generic plan is available in Gainesville Pharmacy.

FDA-Approved: Generic Medicines

Drug companies won’t be able to sell medications in Gainesville Pharmacy, Ga and other pharmacies if the FDA do not approve them. The FDA requires the companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of generic medicines before approving them.

Once the FDA gives their approval, the companies will then secure the necessary patents before selling the meds. So, you can be sure that the medicines also provide the same benefit as their brand counterparts.

Getting Your Generic Plan at Gainesville Pharmacy

We want to make sure that you have access to affordable and effective medicines. We offer generic plans, medical supplies in Georgia, and more. Visit us today!

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