Helping Senior Adults Overcome Depression

Helping Senior Adults Overcome Depression

Experiencing depression at times can disrupt a senior adult’s quality of life. Because many senior adults have more health concerns and have had gone through trials and losses throughout their years, they are likely to have mental health problems than their younger counterparts.

Studies show that senior adults who live alone are susceptible to succumbing to depression. They experience weight loss or gain, loss of energy, crying for no specific reasons, and thoughts of ending their life.

If your senior loved one is experiencing symptoms of depression, there are some good things that you can do for them to help. Such includes ensuring that they eat a healthy diet, play mind-stimulating games like chess or puzzles, and regular exercise.

In case these things do not improve their situation, you can arrange to have them speak to a professional counselor for talk therapy. Medication may also help with their depression. Therefore, getting prescriptions at a pharmacy in Gainesville, Georgia, will be needed in this.

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