Generic Drugs: Pros and Cons

Generic Drugs: Pros and Cons

Maybe the last prescription of your doctor is a generic drug or free antibiotics. The medication is biologically equivalent to brand-name drugs. In conditions like strength, safety, quality, and dosage, the system that the medicine should be taken or used. But are there pros and cons of these drugs?

Gainesville Pharmacy, Ga, will take a closer look at it and will provide you the pros and cons of generic drugs:

  • The pros.
    Aside from being bioequivalent and approved by the FDA, generic drugs are cheaper and affordable to the public. And that is why the main reason many people choose generic drugs than brand name drugs. Brand name drugs require a lot of process and testing that will take a ton of money and time. Meanwhile, a generic drug will only copy what are already exists. And in that case, it will save money and time and cause a lower price.
  • The cons.
    Not all medications could have a generic alternative. And this is the fact that some brands are patent to be produced and marketed to the public. Also, one of the cons of generic drugs is there is no law to stop mimicking the drugs, and some of them will even release some low quality of these generic drugs. So it was advised to consult a doctor before consuming the medicine or buy medicine from the top drugstores. To verify the medication you are taking now, ask your doctor or visit a pharmacy you can trust to be safe.

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