Dealing With a Cold: Types of Nasal Sprays

Dealing With a Cold: Types of Nasal Sprays

Having a cold can make you feel miserable. Not only is your nose stuffed, but you also sneeze a storm and feel unwell all over. It’s definitely not a pleasant experience at all.

If you want to get fast relief from the cold, then you should visit a nearby Gainesville Pharmacy, GA to get a nasal spray. This particular medication is the perfect one to use to clear up the blockage inside your nose.

Different Types of Nasal Sprays

You can buy a nasal spray at the nearest pharmacy in Gainesville, Georgia, but you have to know that nasal sprays can come in three different kinds. You can choose to use a decongestant, a salt-water solution, or a steroid nasal spray.

  1. Decongestant. The decongestant helps in shrinking the swollen tissues around the nose, which is definitely a big relief when it’s clogged from the cold.
  2. Salt-water solution. As official sounding as this solution may sound, this isn’t like free antibiotics where you need a prescription. In fact, this doesn’t contain any medication, so it’s a safe over-the-counter medication to buy. This solution is best at loosening your mucus up and preventing it from becoming crusty.
  3. Steroid nasal spray. Some steroid nasal sprays can be bought over-the-counter while there are others that need a prescription. Steroid nasal sprays are good for relieving allergy symptoms.

Gainesville Pharmacy is the best place to get your over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, and medical supplies in Georgia. Kindly give us a call if you have inquiries about our products and/or services.

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