Safe Medication Use in Gainesville, Georgia

  • Mayo

    Through and helpful articles and insights, Mayo Clinic offers reliable information about health and wellness.

  • WebMD Drug

    As a trusted provider of health information and tools for health management, WebMD is a credible and timely provider of reliable drug and health information.

  • American Heart

    The oldest, most dedicated, and most reliable source of information for heart disease and stroke prevention.

  • Memory

    Developed by a group of dedicated, leading scientists, Memory Health is focused on studying the critical role of nutrition for brain health and providing accurate information with regard to enhancing brain health.


    Leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes, they are focused on helping people with diabetes through disease prevention, management, and other related information.

  • Centers for Disease Control and

    Working 24/7 to stand for their goal, they are dedicated to preventing and fighting diseases and give support to communities and citizens.

  • U.S. FOOD & DRUG

    They are focused on ensuring the public health of the nation by ensuring the safety of the nation’s food and cosmetics.


    Dedicated to offering the current pharmaceutical information on both brand-name and generic drugs, they are a reliable online medical resource that provides only the most accurate and beneficial information.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

    Their sole mission is to protect the American community and reduce the impacts of mental illness and substance abuse to help advance behavioral health.

  • Institute for Safe Medication

    Respected and well-known for providing accurate and gold standard medication safety information, they are entitled to educating health communities and consumers about safe medication practices.

  • Safe

    By enhancing patient safety and improving medication use, they are dedicated to providing the most reliable information about drugs.

  • George Department of Public

    A reliable and committed department in Georgia focused on the safety and security of the many.

  • Poison

    With committed 24-Hour guidance for poison emergencies, they are trustworthy and focused on preventing people from being poisoned and save lives.